Photo Caption: From left: Bangor Samaritans Norma Heaney, Paddy McIntyre and Deirdre Walsh with John Dawson (Comber Rotary President)

Interested in volunteering?

Interested in volunteering? Voluntary organisations such as Rotary Clubs are often approached for help, either financial or in kind.

So it was appropriate that Comber Rotary Club recently hosted speakers from Volunteer Now (Antje Otto) and Youth Enterprise (Jonathan Twinem) to outline the support they offer to self-help groups and schools keen to design community projects.

Both organisations depend on people such as Rotarians to pass on their knowledge, to prepare young people for the wider world of work and to advise other groups on important aspects of business.

The ever-open door

A distressing local issue is the increase in suicides, particularly among young men.

Volunteers from the Samaritans in Bangor spoke to us about their crucial work for those in need of help. ‘Whoever you are, however you feel, whatever life’s done to you,’ they say, ‘talk to us any time you like.’

The Samaritans’ door is always open for those who may feel they are at the end of their tether. A friendly and uncritical listener is often all they need to restore their confidence and carry on. Over the coming months, Comber Rotary Club intends to discuss ways of collaborating with these organisations dedicated to inspiring volunteers and their projects.

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