Our Youth Leadership winner’s victory in Strasbourg

Sam Crooks and his parents Ruth and Philip were special guests at our meeting on 24th April. A senior student at Regent House, Sam came first in the all-Ireland Rotary Youth Leadership area final in November, winning a trip to the EU parliament in Strasbourg.

“I was one member of a 24-strong group of students from Ireland,” he said. “I really enjoyed the experience, although it was hard work. We had to select a topic, study it thoroughly, then debate it formally in the Youth Parliament in competition with similar groups from the other 27 EU member states. Our subject was Security and Human Rights – and we were delighted to come out on top.”

Sam, who studies French and German, was able to use his skills to good effect. “Although English was the lingua franca,” he said, “I had fun practising my language skills.” He concluded his fascinating talk by thanking Comber Rotary Club for giving him the opportunity of a lifetime. “It was an experience I will never forget”, he said, “and I made lots of new friends.”

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