The Rotary Club of Comber recently secured a Rotary Ireland District grant, and has funded the building of a water tank for a school in Tanzania.

The money has already been transferred to the Kids4School project, and, when the installation is complete, it will ensure that the children at this school will be drinking safe, clean water.

Project organiser Tom Robinson visited Comber last year to talk to the members about the charity’s work in Tanzania, and on his recent return, he reported that the pupils at this school were the poorest of the poor. They have no clean water source, and they really do collect their daily “drinking” water from holes in the ground.

Drinking dirty water is the biggest killer of children in Africa – apparently a child dies of dysentery in the continent every half-minute.

The tank will be part of a scheme to collect rain water and channel it to the tank which has a capacity of thousands of gallons. To date, Kids4School have funded the building of 18 tanks – Comber Rotary’s being the 19th. Tom assured the Club that there were no admin costs and every single penny would be invested in the project.

In thanking the Rotarians he said he was not just delighted, but humbled at Comber Rotary’s contribution.

The Rotary Club of Comber has been supporting water and sanitation projects via Rotary Ireland for several years.

If any reader would like to get involved in such worthwhile projects, join the Rotary Club of Comber. Just use one of the contact means below: voice mail: 078 4528 5157

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