The Rotary Club of comber - News Detail


The pupils of Saintfield High School used their non-uniform day to raise funds for the eradication of polio.

Comber Rotarians have been providing mock interviews at the school for imminent school leavers for quite some years and, after last year’s interviews, the school was asked what they knew about Rotary, and if a member of the club could present who Comber Rotary are and what the Rotarians do.

A presentation was duly agreed prior to the 2017 mock interviews, and as a result, the pupils became interested in Polio, and agreed to hold a non-uniform day with the proceeds going to the polio eradication programme.

Head Girl Courtney Campbell and Head Boy Joshua Wilson handed over the cheque for £257 - this amount will be trebled by the Bill and Belinda Gates Foundation (of Microsoft fame).

As a follow-up, Comber Rotary former President Evelyn Dermott gave a very informative presentation on Polio at a recent School Assembly.

Although polio has not been seen in the British Isles for many years, it is vital that efforts continue to eliminate the disease worldwide in order that it can never return.

Rotary clubs in Great Britain and Ireland have so far raised over £20 million to end polio. Since the Rotary project started in 1988, 2.5 billion children have been immunised, and the number of cases worldwide has been reduced by 99.9%. The task, however, will not be finished until the disease is completely wiped out.

Story by: JD