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World Polio Day Movie Event
Comber Rotarians in the Fight Against PolioÖ

Comber Rotary celebrated World Polio Day with a special screening of the movie Breathe, on 24th October 2018 to celebrate their part in what is being hailed as potentially one of the biggest achievements in public health since the eradication of smallpox.

Over 100 Rotarians and their guests heard about the ongoing fight against polio and the struggle of dealing with the aftermath of this crippling disease.

The audience then enjoyed the very moving film, based on an inspiring true story, of a young couple whose lives were changed dramatically by polio. After contracting the virus, at the age of 28, Robin Cavendish is confined to a hospital bed and given only months to live. With the support and inspiration of his extraordinary wife, he breaks free from the prison that is polio, and devotes the rest of his life to helping fellow patients and the disabled.

The Breath event held in the Web Theatre, Newtownards aimed to create awareness of Rotaryís Polio Eradication Campaign, the $1400 raised for End Polio Now, will be matched 2 for 1 by the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, so meeting the cost of more than 10,000 immunisations.

Over the next three years, Rotary International has pledged to raise, $150 million for the End Polio Now campaign, which will be match funded two to one by the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation. Worldwide over one million Rotary members have volunteered their time and resources to help end polio and over 2.5 billion children in 122 countries have been immunised.

Speaking at the Breathe event; Rotarian Phillip Beggs said:

Iím incredibly proud to be part of this fulfilling campaign and I canít wait for the day when Polio is eradicated Ė that will be a special day. Rotarians across Ireland should be proud of their hard work to date, but itís not over yet, this final push will surely be the most rewarding to date so letís all get behind this campaign and play our part in changing the future for the children of the world.Ē

Story by: PB